Invitation for AKS associates

Dear Friend and Colleague,
You are invited to become a member of our premium service we offer to paid subscribers.  As an AKS associate, this service comes to you at no charge.
All we ask in return is that you participate as a “beta tester” and provide us with your constructive feedback and ideas for improvement as we continue to expand our platform and service offerings.
Currently we are building out what is essentially a “knowledge base on building e-bodies of knowledge.”  Once you’ve registered, you can gain access by clicking on the KNOWLEDGE BASE tab in the navigation menu at  the  top of this page.  You’ll notice that a small portion of the knowledge base is open to the public as well.
Please click on the link below to set up your registration.  We hope you’ll enjoy working with your fellow AKA associates and clients in co-creating the next generation in publishing.
Register here
My very best personal regards,